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Vietnam Re-Opening. July 2021 Update.

Ho Chi Minh City will impose another 15 days of social distancing from July 9th, 2021. Under Directive 16, all non-essential businesses and services are closed and public transport including buses and taxis are suspended. 

Vietnam aims to vaccinate 50% of people aged 18 or older by the end of this year and 70% by the end of March, 2022, the Health Ministry according to the Vietnamese government.

Vaccine passport to enter Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines has signed an agreement with the International Air Transport Association to trial a vaccine passport next month. It will implement the IATA Travel Pass initiative that allows people to store verified Covid-19-test and vaccination certificates on a smartphone app. They must be issued by authorized facilities registered with IATA. To find out more about the IATA Travel pass and all its requirements check in this link: 


Three countries have signed up for the use of the IATA Travel Pass, Singapore, Panama and Estonia, and 30 airlines:


Travel Update

From July 2021, regular flights bringing passengers to Vietnam will be restarting. Upon arrival, all passengers must stay in quarantine.

The situation can improve in September, depending on the COVID-19 vaccination process in Vietnam and an assessment on herd immunity after that. Passengers on flights need not go to quarantine upon arrival, as vaccine passports will be in place.


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