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Thailand Reopening 2021

The Thai government has advised that there will be three stages for the reopening of Thailand for tourism.

July 01 2021Vaccinated tourists are allowed to travel to Phuket
October 01 2021Restrictions eased in 10 main tourist provinces around Thailand (we don’t have details as yet)
January 01 2022Foreign tourists free to enter Thailand, without self-isolating

For the reopening of Phuket from 01st July 2021, please note that the minimum stay in Phuket before traveling to other parts of Thailand, has been extended to 14 nights. Tourists will need a COE (Certificate of entry) and proof of vaccination.The COE can be applied for at Thai embassies around the world in person.

The main details for Phuket reopening rules are below:

  • On arrival in Phuket, tourists will have all documents checked and then can be transferred to an approved ‘SHA Plus Hotel’, by an approved transport supplier.
  • Tourists who wish to visit other provinces in Thailand, when coming under the ‘Sandbox Program’, have to stay a minimum of 14 Nights in a ‘SHA PLUS Hotel’ in Phuket, before moving to any other Province.
  • Tourists who are coming just to Phuket, without needing to visit other provinces in Thailand, can stay any duration they want in a ‘SHA Plus Hotel’ under the ‘Phuket Sandbox Rules’ (no minimum stay required).
  • Non-vaccinated children aged between 6 Years old and 18 years old traveling with their parents have to undergo a Rapid Antigen test upon arrival at Phuket International Airport, under their own expense.
  • Non-vaccinated children Aged Between 0 to 6 Years Old, will not need a Rapid Antigen test upon arrival.
  • Tourists traveling to Phuket under the ‘Sandbox Model’ have to take 2 PCR Tests. The first one on day 6 and the second one on day 12 (if staying 14 Nights).
  • Travel to Phi Phi Island, Phang-nga and Koh Yao, has been postponed until further notice. This means that Tourists cannot leave the Island, even for a one-day trip during these 14 Nights.
  • The vaccines that will be accepted have to be accepted by both Thailand’s Food and Drug administration and the WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Tourists are allowed to change their hotel after the first 7 Nights to another hotel. All of the hotels booked have to be ‘SHA Plus Hotels’.
  • Bars and Nightclubs will remain closed until the end of Q3.

Full list of the 243 Phuket hotels with SHA Plus approval for the reopening at this website: https://www.thailandsha.com  

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