The Land Of Smiles

Formerly known as The Kingdom Of Siam, Thailand is located in the centre of mainland South East Asia roughly equidistant between India and China. It shares borders with Myanmar to the west and north, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south.. Its well deserved nickname as the Land Of Smiles gives you an immediate insight into the people and culture of the country. Everywhere you go you will be greeted by broad smiles and the customary greeting bow known as the ‘Wai’.

Thailand is a country of scenic diversity and ancient traditions, of tranquil temples and modern urban excitement. With an independent history going back more than seven centuries, it has managed to absorb a variety of cultural influences and blend them into something uniquely and memorably Thai. Each of its major regions offers a distinctive experience for the traveler in search of new discoveries.

Misty mountains in the North shelter verdant valleys and exotic hill tribes, whilst in urban centres like Chiang Mai, traditional customs and crafts have been preserved over many generations.

Along the picturesque coastlines of the East and South lie some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and off-shore islands, each with its own vibe and culture.

Scattered over the North Eastern plateau are superb khamer monuments from the time of Angkor Wat and natural parks teeming with wildlife.

In the Central Region can be found the evocative ruins of ancient Thai capitals and bustling Bangkok with its dynamic and countless pleasures.

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