Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Experience Asia Co. Ltd ?

Experience Asia is a newly registered luxury travel company, providing quality touring options around Asia
With a Thailand based head office, and franchise deals in 7 other Asian countries, Experience Asia will cover the key tourist destinations around the region. Our initial focus is on the B2B sector and we welcome interest from quality travel agencies and operators worldwide wishing to partner with us.

Why should our travel business partner with Experience Asia Co. Ltd ?

The team behind Experience Asia has many successful years in the travel industry in Asia. We have a wealth of travel business contacts gathered from sales calls around the world and we maintain close connections with the major Asian Tourist Boards. On the products side, we are actively seeking out the best accommodation and travel experiences in the region which we aim to deliver to our target group of deluxe, high-end tourists from North America and Europe. Experience Asia will also be targeting leading travel organizers for corporate incentives, meetings and events from around the World.

How do I make booking with Experience Asia Co. Ltd.

It is very easy to make a booking with Experience Asia. You can email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours. An online booking system will be launched soon.

When can I travel again to Thailand ?

The answer to this question is changing on a regular basis. Please check our latest Blog posts for the latest information.

Do I need travel insurance to travel to Thailand ?

Yes, at the time of writing, travel insurance with explicit cover for Covid 19 hospital treatment is required.

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