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Experience Asia News / ‘New USTOA Membership’

‘Experience Asia are now ‘Associate Members’ of ‘USTOA’ (United States Tour Operators Association)

USTOA Active members represent some of the top names in travel and tourism, and account for a sizeable portion of the tour operator market in North America. 

Experience Asia will be attending the ‘USTOA Annual Conference’ from 2-6 December in Los Angeles


Thailand Experience / Thai Farming Experience

Learn to plough the rice paddies the old-fashioned way! Get hands-on with traditional Thai farming by getting behind the buffalo yourself and practising the local techniques. The tour includes a chance to plant rice with real Thai farmers to guide you, what better place to learn about how Thailand makes its rice so delicious and so sustainable. Please contact us for more details

Unique Thailand Hotels / ‘Onsen @ Moncham’ Retreat in Chiang Mai

‘Onsen @ Moncham’, is a Japanese-style hotel with Hot Springs in the outskirts of Chiang Mai. The retreat is less than an hour away from Chiang Mai and is high in the hills over 1200 meters above sea level. Be at one with nature experiencing the exotic accommodation with a harmonious blend of Japanese ‘Onsen Rituals’ and ‘Northern Thai Culture’.


Thailand Hotels / ‘Best Western Chatuchak’

For the avid shopper seeking the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, the brand-new ‘Best Western Chatuchak’ is an unparalleled gem. Situated adjacent to the famous ‘Chatuchak Weekend Market’, one of the biggest in Asia, and a must-visit tourist attraction. This 192-key hotel is ideally situated with Skytrain stations just moments away


Vietnam Tourism News / ‘Best National Park in Asia’

‘Cuc Phuong National Park’, a famous tourist destination based in the northern province of Ninh Binh, has been named “Asia’s Leading National Park” at the World Travel Awards for the fifth consecutive year. Covering an area spanning 22,200 hectares, ‘Cuc Phuong National Park’ nestles against ‘Tam Diep Mountain’. The park boasts about 2,000 plant species and 2,600 animal species.

Vietnam Hotels / ‘Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake’

This mesmerizingly bright building covered in 24 k gold is located in central Hanoi by the huge ‘Giang Vo Lake’. The glitter continues as you step inside the tower. Shiny marble surfaces reflect the hand-crafted golden doors, wall decorations, and ceilings. Luckily, the hotel’s 342 guestrooms are surprisingly affordable


Cambodia Tourism News / New ‘Siem Reap Angkor International Airport (SAI)’ to Open

The new ‘Siem Reap Angkor International Airport’ (SAI) will open for operations from 16 October 2023. All commercial flights of air passengers and cargo that are being operated at the current Siem Reap International Airport (REP) will be transferred to the new airport

This will mean more direct flights to the home of the famous UNESCO listed ‘Angkor Wat’

Bali News / Tourists are urged to follow the strict rules on the island

Bali has recently implemented strict rules for tourists to preserve the culture and environment

There has been a spate of bad behaviour from visiting tourists which has prompted this action

The main new rules applying to tourists are as follows:

Motor Cycle Rentals

Tourists must only use licensed and verified rental companies and must possess an international driving license that explicitly covers them for riding motorcycles


Tourists must only stay in licensed and registered accommodation (no unlicensed Air BnB)

Tourism Activities in the Mountains and Volcanoes (not yet implemented)

The government is planning to impose a complete ban on tourism activities in Bali’s mountains and volcanoes, including popular trekking destinations like Mount Batur

Tourist Tax (starting from mid 2024)

Bali’s Governor announced the introduction of a $10 tourist tax, payable on arrival, to promote responsible behaviour among tourists

Deportation for Bad Behaviour

The island’s rich cultural heritage and deeply held religious beliefs call for visitors to be mindful of their attire and behaviour, particularly when visiting holy places


Foreign tourists in Bali must have the necessary identity documents and valid stay permits. Whether travelling for vacation or work. Overstayers can be fined up to USD 60 per day and face deportation

Indonesia Hotels / ‘Lotus Bungalows’ in Bali

Those seeking tranquillity away from Bali’s busy tourist hubs can find peace in the hidden gem which is ‘Lotus Bungalows’. Located on the island’s eastern coast, the resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and overlooks the crystal-clear waters of the Bali Sea. Lotus Bungalows is the perfect choice for those yearning for an authentic Bali experience.


Last Words / ‘Extraordinary Travel Festival’

Award-winning travel photographer, podcaster, blogger and filmmaker Ric Gazarian confirms Bangkok as the host city for the second ‘Extraordinary Travel Festival’ (ETF), scheduled to take place from 15 to 17 November 2024. The festival will bring together the world’s most avid, accomplished, and adventurous travellers during three days of experience-sharing and learning

*The ‘Experience Asia 2024 Online Tariff’ is now available.

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