‘Experience Asia’ News for March 2023

Welcome to our ‘Experience Asia’ Newsletter for March 2023

Please read on, for news about a famous island health retreat, Vespa tours in Vietnam and getting ‘soaked’ in Thailand

Thailand News / ‘Songkran’ Thailand’s Biggest Party from 13-15 April

Every year, the 13th of April marks the beginning of the celebration for the Thai New Year known as ‘Songkran’

‘Songkran’ is a national holiday in Thailand and a chance for locals to visit their hometown and pay respect to their parents

During this week, major streets are closed and used for massive water fights where people come prepared with water guns and large buckets

Be prepared to get wet, but please follow the local rules, which are not to throw water at Monks, the elderly or babies –  oh, and don’t forget to  wish everyone ‘Sawadee Pee Mai’, or ‘Happy New Year’

Thailand Product News / ‘Really Cool Airline’

A new Thailand airline hopes to begin operations this year, boasting a memorable name.

‘Really Cool Airlines plans to launch flights by the end of 2023 and will open up new international routes to Thailand. https://reallycoolairlines.com

Thailand Product News / ‘Experiences’

Our product team have created many unique and creative experiences to enhance your Thailand stay Some popular examples are –  ‘Tuk-Tuk Food Tours’ in Bangkok, ‘Meditation retreats’ in Samui, ‘Ethical Elephant retreats’ in Chiang Mai and ‘Living in a Hill-Tribe Village’ near the Golden Triangle

To receive a copy of our ‘Experiences Brochure’ please contact: sales-mgr@experiencetravel.asia

Thailand Product News / ‘Island Homestay in Krabi’

We are happy to promote our latest product, an ‘Island Homestay’ near Krabi in Southern Thailand

The experience on ‘Klang Island’, includes living with the locals and experiencing the island lifestyle – pretty much ‘Robinson Crusoe’ style

To receive the full program and pricing please contact: sales-mgr@experiencetravel.asia

Thailand Hotel News / ‘Worldwide Health & Wellness Destination of the Year’

Once again, the famous ‘Kimalaya Health Resort’ on Samui island, has been voted best in the world at the 2023 World Spa & Wellness Awards, hosted in London on 5 March 2023. This really is a perfect resort for detox and wellness programs https://kamalaya.com

For details of the programs and treatment plus pricing, please contact: sales@experiencetravel.asia

Thailand Hotel News / ‘Fairmont’ is finally coming to Thailand

The first Fairmont hotel in Thailand is set to open in 2024, to enhance the luxury hotel market in Bangkok

The ‘Fairmont Bangkok Sukhumvit’ will be located in the heart of the city’s Sukhumvit district https://www.fairmont.com

Thailand Hotel News / Two Famous Phuket Hotels are ‘Re-branding’

‘The Surin Beach Resort’ and ‘The Karon Beach Resort’ will undergo renovations and be rebranded into ‘Holiday Inn Resort Surin Beach’ and ‘Holiday Inn Resort Karon Beach’ during 2023

Both resorts will maintain their high standards and can be booked via ‘Experience Asia’

Thailand Hotel News / More ‘Radissons’ in Phuket and Hua-Hin

‘The Radisson Resort & Spa Hua Hin’ has opened in the charming beach resort of Hua Hin offering 243 rooms, all with balconies overlooking the sea

Also, the first ‘Radisson RED’ will open in late 2023, on Patong beach in Phuket, with the unique and vibrant lifestyle design that the ‘RED’ brand is famous for

Vietnam Product News / ‘Vespa Tours’ around Hanoi

Join us for amorning (or afternoon) tour of Hanoi by Vespa scooter driven by our expert guides, with lunch included

We take you on a journey through the streets of Hanoi, offering a unique perspective as you travel on a vintage Vespa. From the bustling backstreets and hidden alleys, to the vibrant and chaotic streets, our tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of local life and culture.

For more details with prices please contact: sales@experiencetravel.asia

Vietnam Hotel News / ‘Hoiana Resort and Golf’ near ‘Hoi An’

With a gorgeous beach front location south of Hoi An and Danang, ‘Hoiana Resort & Golf’ is a welcome addition to the province’s luxury hotels

Boasting sophisticated charm, state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, and a championship golf course, ‘Hoiana’ is a perfect destination resort https://www.hoiana.com

Vietnam Tourism News / Possible ’Visa Extensions’

Vietnam is considering extending their e-visa from the current 30-days, to 90 days

The e-visa would allow multiple entries, according to a draft amendment by the Vietnamese government. 

More to follow when (and if) this is confirmed

Bali Tourism News / No more ‘Self-Drive’ for Tourists

It looks like the end of Self-Drive experiences for tourists in Bali. After a large number of motoring accidents, the government has decreed  that tourists will not be allowed to self-drive motorcycles or cars on the island

Many have commented that this is long overdue

Bhutan News / Yet another Exciting ‘Festival’

There are always festivals happening in every part of Bhutan throughout the year and one of the most well-known festivals is the annual ‘Paro Tshechu’ festival, being held from 02 to 06 April

Through traditional dance, folk-songs, and music, performed by both laity and monks, the sacred activities of the ‘Guru’ are re-enacted and celebrated for 5 consecutive days

Bhutan flights with ‘Druk Air’ depart daily from Bangkok, and can be purchased along with a tour package from ‘Experience Asia’

The Last Word / More ‘TV Shows’ Filming in Thailand

As you might know, a number of movies have been filmed in Thailand, including ‘The Hangover’, ‘The Killing Fields’, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘The Beach’

Now a slew of reality TV shows will be filmed in the Kingdom, such as the latest seasons of ‘The Batchelor’, due to begin filming in Krabi, and ‘The Real Housewives’, which will be filmed in Phuket

Great publicity for our beach destinations, showing the world that Thailand is fully-open for tourism

*2024 Pricing for the above mentioned Hotels and Experience are now available

Please contact our Sales Manager at: sales-mgr@experiencetravel.asia

Wishing you all Safe and Happy Travels

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