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Welcome to our ‘Experience Asia’ Newsletter for February 2023

Please read on, for news about our favorite Thai Health Retreat, a Cambodian Island Paradise and a ‘Quiet Festival’ in Bali  – plus a chance to ‘Party Like a Thai’

Thailand News / ‘Thailand Tourist Fee’ Confirmed

The Thai government hasconfirmed a new ‘tourist fee’ at THB300 (USD 8) per person for all tourists arriving by air to Thailand. This fee is expected to be charged from June this year. The fee includes accident insurance  for foreign tourists and will help to maintain tourist attractions

Travelers entering by land or sea will pay THB150 (USD 4) per person but transit travelers are exempt from this fee.

Thailand Product News / ‘Vegan Dining Guide Around Thailand’

Once armed with the right knowledge, most vegans learn to love Thailand and embrace it as a veggie-friendly destination. ‘Experience Asia’ have created a ‘Vegan Dining Guide’ with classy meal options in Bangkok Chiang Mai and Phuket

To receive a copy please contact: sales-mgr@experiencetravel.asia

Thailand Product News / ‘Wellness Retreat Packages in Samui’

Our favorite health and wellness retreat in Thailand, ‘Kamalaya Resort’ on Samui island, offers

a synergistic wellness experience to help people ‘reconnect to life’

There are multi-day wellness packages available, which include full-board accommodation, private yoga sessions, Ayurvedic and Thai massages, plus an intensive detox program

For more details please see: https://kamalaya.com/wellness-retreats/

Thailand Product News / ‘Party Like a Thai’

‘Experience Asia’ has developed new evening experiences for nightlife lovers, with visits to ‘hip’ Thai bars and clubs around Bangkok. Discover how the trendy Thais party and enjoy cocktails and live music throughout the night, followed by a traditional Thai street food experience.

We have 2 tours on offer: ‘Midnight Moonshine – The Local Cocktail Bar Tour’ (Trendy bars with live music) and ‘Bangkok Skyline – Cocktail Making and Rooftop Bar Tour’ (Including a cocktail lesson from a premier mixologist)

For detailed programs and pricing please contact: sales-mgr@experiencetravel.asia

Thailand Product News / ‘Su Va Na’ Marine Restaurant, Phuket

Located inside ‘Aquaria’, Phuket’s state of the art aquarium, ‘Su Va Na’ provides guests with a unique marine dining experience, with views of over 25,000 sea creatures during your meal

‘Su Va Na’ only offers tasting menus and recommends spending at least 2 hours on the dining experience. For more details and images please see: https://suvanaphuket.com/

Thailand Hotel of the Month / ‘The Four Seasons Tented Camp’, Chiang Rai

One of our favorite resorts and the most luxurious ‘glamping’ experience in Thailand

‘The Four Seasons Tented Camp’ is set among exotic bamboo jungles in Northern Thailand, where the borders of three countries meet

The accommodation is classically luxurious, with an all-inclusive package covering dining, drinks, plus unique experiences, such as interacting with elephants and meeting local hilltribes

See more details at: www.fourseasons.com/goldentriangle

Vietnam Product News / ‘Ambassador Cruise’ on Halong Bay

Ambassador Cruise’ has announced that, as from 10th February, they are launching a new ‘Halong Bay’ day cruise on their new luxury vessel, which raises the bar for ‘Halong bay’ cruising

Two restaurants, two bars, live music, and a large open-air jacuzzi are among the 45-cabin vessel’s top-notch facilities. The five-meter glass bridge jutting from the vessel’s bow inspires compelling photographs

More details and prices at: sales@experiencetravel.asia

Vietnam Hotel of the Month / ‘Capella Hanoi’
The opulent ‘Capella Hanoi hotel’ is located adjacent to both the Old Quarter and the Hanoi Opera House

The hotel has 47 rooms and suites, each of which are uniquely decorated with operatic memorabilia

Premier rooms offer a stylish French balcony where visitors can take in the atmosphere of the charming neighborhood. ‘The Capella Hanoi’ oozes class

More details at: https://capellahotels.com/en/capella-hanoi

Cambodia Hotel of the Month / ‘Song Saa Private Island Resort’

‘Song Saa Private Island Resort’ is a luxurious tropical hideaway, located on a jungle covered island, off the coast of Sihanoukville in Southern Cambodia

With pristine private beaches and a well-preserved coral reef, Song Saa Private Island is an eco-paradise, featuring Pool Villas and Over-Water Villas

More details at: https://www.songsaa-privateisland.com

Bali Hotel of the Month / ‘Amankila’

The luxurious yet secluded ‘Amankila’ is located on the side of a hill on Bali’s east coast, with uninterrupted views of the Lombok Strait out front, and access to a private beach below. The 31 luxurious suites are spacious yet homely, with a spacious terrace, king-size bed, living area, soaking tub and rain shower. Definitely one of best resorts in Bali

More details at: https://www.aman.com/resorts/amankila

Bhutan Hotel News / ‘&Beyond Punakha River Lodge’

‘&Beyond Punakha River Lodge’ in Bhutan, is scheduled to open in September 2023

This will be the first ‘&Beyond’ property to open in Asia and boasts uninterrupted views of the Himalayas with a riverside setting, The lodge features tented suites and private pool Villas. The lodge provides the ideal eco getaway in the most laid back destination in Asia

More details at: https://www.andbeyond.com/our-lodges/asia/bhutan

The Last Word / ‘Quietest Day of the Year’ in Bali

The famous ‘Nyepi’ Festival occurs on 22nd March and for one day each year, the drone of motorbikes is silenced, bars stop playing music, and Bali’s tourism machine grinds to a halt. ‘The Day of Silence’, considered a traditional New Year according to the Balinese lunar calendar, is intended to keep away mischievous spirits and is strictly enforced

Even Western tourists are expected to stay on their hotel grounds during ‘Nyepi’ and to dim the lights, and speak in hushed voices. Even watching television isn’t allowed, but the next day it is party time as usual on the island!

*Pricing for all above mentioned hotels and experiences are available on request:

Please contact our Sales Department at: sales@experiencetravel.asia

*The ‘Experience Asia 2023 Online Tariff’ is now available.

Please contact our Sales Manager for a password at: sales-mgr@experiencetravel.asia

Wishing you all Safe and Happy Travels

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